Koeman misses Bayern Munich for two weeks due to heart surgery


belbalady.net The German club Bayern Munich announced that its young player, Kingsley Coman, underwent a minor heart surgery, in a hospital, yesterday.

And the Bavarian club explained, in a statement on its official website, that the Frenchman Koeman underwent a minor heart surgery yesterday, so the club took this procedure due to his suffering from a slight increase in heart rate, which leads to irregularity, and the player returns to physical training on Tuesday, and he will not be absent for more Two weeks from the team.

Bayern Munich is currently preparing to face Bochum, tomorrow, Saturday evening, at the Allianz Arena, in the fifth round of the German League.

Bayern Munich has finally decided the future of its German midfielder Leon Goretzka, who is considered a top priority for Manchester United, as United were planning to join Goretzka for free after the end of his contract in the summer of 2022 with the Bavarian giant, but the latter decided to immunize his German midfielder..

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