Jana Amr Diab is under criticism for her bold look


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Raised Jenna, the artist’s daughter Amr diab The controversy due to her last appearance, which she published on the social media, after she appeared in a short and tight black dress, which the public considered bold and inappropriate for her age.

Jana Amr Diab raises controversy with her appearance

And publication Jana Amr Diab A group of photos of her last appearance through her personal account on the Instagram application, in which she appeared in a short black dress, caused criticism.

Jana Amr Diab is under criticism for her bold look

Jana Amr Diab relied on the calm colors in her makeup, and left her brown hair strands hanging on her shoulders.

Jana Amr Diab is under criticism for her bold look

Jana Amr Diab’s looks

Jana was attacked more than once by fans of the plateau, because of her sexy clothes and daring movements, in addition to appearing in some pictures with an English young man named Joshua,” she described in her comments as her lover.

This was not the first time that she was criticized for her appearance, as the last photo session also sparked controversy after she appeared in an open dress from the top of Style. Vintage Made of strawberry-beaded karo fabric, with a thin belt around the waist.

Daughter resurfaced Amr diab She updated her face spontaneously in the footage, but her followers objected to the boldness of the pictures, especially since the dress was remarkably exposed, assuring her that the model and her movements in the pictures did not suit her age..

Who is Jana Amr Diab?

Jana Amr Diab, born in July 2001, spent the first 10 years of her life in Egypt, then moved to Britain to settle, where she moved at the age of about ten years to live in London with her mother, Zeina Ashour.

Live Jana Amr Diab In London, and there she completed her education, and created her own account on the photo and video sharing site “Instagram” several years ago and always raises controversy, whether through her bold looks or from her photos with her boyfriend Josh Miller, who does not miss an occasion but expresses her love for him.

In addition to her studies, Jana also sells her clothes through her page on the “D-Pop” website, with the aim of proving herself..

In her thirteenth year, her father, the artist Amr Diab, gave her a song in her name. He presented a composer and singer in his album “Shaft Al-Ayyam”, the song “Jana”, and its words were written by the poet Tamer Hussein..

In the album “Sahran”, Jana participated with the composer Bilal Sorour, in setting the melody of a song entitled “Beautiful”, and she sang with her father some words in English, after a while she released some songs in English through her YouTube channel..


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