Its price is 164 million dollars.. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are quarreling over the ownership of a mansion in France


After their separation in 2016, American actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged in a fierce legal battle, and they are now battling over the ownership of a 17th century French mansion valued at 164 million dollars.

Five years after the Hollywood couple separated, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have yet to settle the financial compensation for the divorce.

In a new episode of the ongoing fierce conflict between the two stars, Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit accusing his ex-wife of trying to sell her share of the house they bought together in the province of Le Var, in southern France, behind his back.

The house in dispute is an old mansion called “Miraval” with an area of ​​10 square kilometers, and its value is estimated at 140 million euros (164 million dollars). The palace holds an emotional memory for both parties; Because it was the place where they got married in 2014.

Brad Pitt bases his lawsuit filed by his lawyers on an agreement signed by the two parties, according to which neither of them disposes of his share in the minor without informing the other party in advance, and thus he has a preference in buying his partner’s share. Angelina Jolie owns half of the mansion.

The divorced couple had deposited their ownership stakes in a limited liability company, of which Brad owns 60 percent of the shares and Angelina owns the rest. But the actor transferred 10 percent of his shares to his wife, before the divorce, so that they became equal in shares.

According to the complaint papers, for the past four years, Angelina has not stopped putting sticks in the company’s wheels, including that she has been postponing the approval of the annual accounts and the appointment of a new manager.

The dispute culminated when Angelina tried to spin the deal and sell her stake through her own company, in order to prevent her ex-husband from objecting to the deal. Which can be considered a new example from previous examples aimed at evading its legal obligations.



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