It was discovered by Youssef Chahine and she dreamed of an Oscar.. 15 facts about Abla Kamel


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Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

Today, Friday, September 17, the artist Abla Kamel celebrates her 61st birthday, as she was born on September 17, 1960, and she has a long career full of artistic successes.

We provide you with 10 information about it in the following report:

Abla Kamel married the artist Ahmed Kamal, after their engagement in 1979, after graduating from the acting institute, and after years of work and the rise of the star of Abla Kamel in the art sky, they decided to separate.

She has two daughters from her ex-husband, Ahmed Kamal, “Zainab” and “Fatima”.

– The series “Hadeeth Al-Sabah and Al-Masaa” managed to further consolidate her relationship with the late artist Mahmoud Al-Jundi, and after the success of the series about two years, specifically in 2003, their marriage was announced.

The marriage of Mahmoud al-Jundi and Abla Kamel lasted for two years, and they announced their separation in 2005.

Abla Kamel said on the “Zoom” program, that the discoverer of her talent was director Youssef Chahine, who saw her in one of the competitions at the university, during which she won first place, to then present the play “Milo Drama” at the Vanguard Theatre, which made “Shaheen” decide to appear in his movie. Farewell Bonaparte.

– Abla continued on the program, that she dreams of winning an Oscar, refusing to evaluate her talent because she believed that it was up to the directors, and added: “Art is important to nations.”

– The artist, Nahid Rushdi, said about her in one of the TV interviews, that the artist Abla Kamel used to cook many meals at home and bring her to the location, filming the series “I will not live in my father’s gown”, and most of the dishes were with garlic, so the smell of the place changed immediately, which angered Rabab. Hussein, the executive director of the series, added: “I told Abla that I am leaving because of you… I go home every day, I smell Tom.”

Abla Kamel was exposed to a rumor of cancer, and her ex-husband, artist Ahmed Kamel, denied the validity of this rumor, explaining: “A lie and deception, and a desire to make cheap gains at the expense of a great artist.”

– It was also rumored during the same period that she retired from art, but the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, indicated that she had received a call from Abla Kamel, and she completely denied this.

– The artist Ramy Waheed said about her on the “3 Stat” program on the “Echo of the Country” channel: “She does not carry phones, does not participate in festivals and conferences, and has nothing to do with social media.”

– The artist, Mohamed Sobhi, revealed the truth of his disagreement with Abla Kamel through his account on “Facebook”, saying: “The story is simply, that the artist Mohamed Sobhi was the director of the play (a view) for 5 years, meaning that no one can do anything on stage without his permission. So, how can the director and producer of the work want Abla to fail completely or want her to a lower level.. Then he testifies to her of her respect and commitment for five years, and there is no dispute between them until the play “A Viewpoint” ended, and Lenin Al-Ramli wanted Abla Kamel to be the heroine of the play The next one, and its name was (The Incident), but Muhammad Sobhi, as a director, objected to this choice, because the composition of the role of the heroine of the incident play is completely different from the character, composition and representation of Abla Kamel.. Abla Kamel is a great artist, but she is not suitable for this role from his point of view as a director, and when Lenin insisted Upon his choice, Muhammad Sobhi withdrew and the band ended, and they are friends, so that Lenin completed his accident play.

– She revealed in a press interview with Al-Musawwar magazine in 1989, the reason for her appearance without makeup in most of her work, saying: “I don’t like powder and I don’t like makeup, why is it dirty, enough of the world is dust and the air is polluted.”

– She announced during the dialogue that she had a “phobia” of electrical tools and high roles, saying: “I always open the television or the washing machine with someone’s pocket that occupies me.”

– She recently appeared to Abla Kamel, a similarity to her via social media called Hind Al-Abed.

– The last dramatic work of the artist Abla Kamel was the fifth part of the series “Selsal Al-Dam”, with the participation of the artist Riad Al-Khouli, Ola Ghanem, Menna Fadali, Randa Al-Behairi, Amira Hani and others.


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