It is possible for the Lebanese to gradually recover their money in banks


Member of the “Independent Center” bloc MP Dr. Ali Darwish considered in an interview on “NBN” that “the ministerial statement is specific and clear, and the most important thing that distinguishes it is the speed of its formulation,” and said: “This government has a short period of time. Therefore, it will work to shorten distances and form A shock that reflects positively on the Lebanese society, through the headlines presented by the statement, which will focus on key topics, including the issue of elections and the discussion of the International Monetary Fund, in addition to Arab openness.

Regarding the resumption of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, he said: “The positive shock will be about one billion and 135 million dollars, which will be reflected on the exchange rate and will give a positive impression at this stage.”Considering that “the problem of numbers no longer exists,” he said: “In the event of a recovery plan, Lebanon can regain confidence. Consequently, the Lebanese will gradually recover their money seized by banks, and any material aid that will enter now will be subject to monitoring so that it is actually spent without No waste.”

He pointed out that “the government has no desire for conflicts and clashes, as it is a government headed by a centrist, whose formula is to approach crises in a realistic and pragmatic manner.”Regarding the public debt restructuring, he said: “There is no doubt that we have Eurobonds and a group of debts in various financial forms on the Lebanese state and even on banks. Therefore, it needs to be restructured and specifically studied its value, in addition to its maturity date and rescheduling based on the ability to pay and the existence of the state. The possibility of paying it and the sources of its payment.

He added: “Based on my knowledge of President Najib Mikati, there is an achievement that will be implemented on the level of correcting economic matters in general, and on the level of some files, and the size of this achievement is left to the coming days, and President Mikati will not accept unless there is an achievement in a specific place and will culminate later on the issue of the upcoming parliamentary elections “.

And as an Arab, Darwish said: “Given our history and the stations that Lebanon has experienced, when there is Arab-Arab rapprochement, the country is somewhat at ease. And when there is Arab dissonance, we pay a certain price. In the end, we are part of the Arab world with The existing cracks and sagging, and it is always appropriate for us to restore the Arab presence.”

He concluded: “As long as Lebanon’s interest requires anything, it must be done. The country’s interest is above all else, and we, as Lebanese, should look at our interests.”


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