Israel updates the list of “red countries” for Corona


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The Israeli Ministry of Health has updated the list of “red countries” that cannot be traveled to, in light of the increasing rates of corona infection, and added to the list Bulgaria, Brazil and Turkey.

Accordingly, travel to these destinations will be prohibited, even for those who have been vaccinated and recovered (except for those who have obtained approval from the Exceptions Committee), and all returnees from these countries will be quarantined.

The Ministry of Health said that from Monday, September 27, Mexico will be removed from the list of red countries and moved to the list of orange countries.

The ministry also updated the list of yellow countries from which returnees must adhere to quarantine or obtain a negative result after returning from them. The list includes Austria, Uruguay, Bahrain, Gabon, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Cyprus.

It is reported that the vaccinated person or the recovering person who returned from an orange country must adhere to the quarantine until a negative PCR result is obtained within 24 hours of his entry, provided that he is vaccinated with the third dose.

Source: i24news


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