ISIS International Women’s Theater lights its first candle after difficult labor


Cairo – Inside the Cairo Opera House, a group of women writers, directors and artists who are passionate about Eve’s issues and creative works joined forces to launch a new international theater festival for women on Wednesday.

The festival organizers chose one of the most famous deities in ancient Egypt to give her name to the nascent event, the Isis International Festival for Women’s Theater.

The opening ceremony was held on Wednesday evening at the open theater in the Opera House and was revived by the “Tabla Al-Sit” troupe, consisting of six girls playing percussion instruments, followed by the contemporary dance show “Baheya” by the Knights of the East, designed and directed by Karima Badir, on the Hanager Theatre.

Director and actress Abeer Lutfi, the festival’s founder and president, says that there may have been previous Arab theater experiences for women’s theater, but this is the only international festival in the region concerned with women’s issues.

“We have been working to bring the festival to light for three years, but the conditions were not favorable and the Corona pandemic came to make matters more difficult, but now we have reached the opening day,” she said.

She added, “Some may understand from the title that the festival is directed at women only, but we want to shed light on their issues and interests, even if the work is made by a man, and the evidence for this is that we have shows this year by male directors, but they deal with women in a positive way.”


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