Iraqis refuse to sing Elissa in Iraq..and this is the reason


After the Lebanese actress announcedElisaOn preparing for a concert in Iraq, the hashtag “Iraqis refuse to sing Elissa in Iraq” led the trend due to Elissa’s anti-Hezbollah statements, and followers circulated leaflets on the subject, so one of them wrote: “Neither welcome nor easy. Iraqis refuse to sing Elissa in Iraq.”
And Elissa had announced, through her own account on the social networking site, that she was preparing for a party in the Iraqi city of Baghdad, by publishing a picture of her with the phrase “For the first time, Elissa in Baghdad, Friday 22-0-2021.”
However, the followers’ comments did not come as expected, and some followers welcomed them, and expressed their enthusiasm for the party, while others refused to come.


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