iPhone 13 Pro phone price and specifications and how to get it in Saudi Arabia 2022


In recent days, Apple has announced the launch of the new iPhone 13 Pro series of phones, which comes with many standard and advanced specifications for users, through the conference held by Apple at the company’s official headquarters, and the phone has been officially launched in the market in different countries in recent days, and the increase in Searches by many people to know the most important details of the launch of the new iPhone 13 Pro, and we will review through this article the price of the iPhone 13 Pro and its most important specifications.

iPhone 13 Pro launched in the market

Indeed, Apple launched the new iPhone 13 Pro phone of its various types in different markets in all countries, starting on Friday, September 24, and the company had announced the opening of reservations for the phone through the company’s official website, after the conference that was held at the headquarters of the company. Apple in the United States of America on the twelfth of September.

iPhone 13 Pro phone specifications

The new iPhone 13 Pro from Apple came with many standard specifications, the most important of which are the following.

  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max is designed to support the NFC system.
  • The weight of the phone came to about 240 grams.
  • The phone supports the fourth generation and fifth generation system in communications.
  • Water resistance feature.
  • It comes with an additional microphone design to isolate noise.
  • A distinctive battery that features a 20W fast charging system.

iPhone 13 Pro price

The price of the new iPhone 13 Pro Max phone from Apple came at a price of 1100 USD for the 128 GB version, as for the price of the phone with a 256 GB version, 1200 USD, and the phone version came with an area of ​​512 GB 1400 USD, and the highest version in the phone that comes With an area of ​​1 TB, it comes at a price of 1600 USD.


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