“iPhone 13” in the country’s markets September 24 .. and “Apple” introduces improvements to the processor, battery and cinematography


The American company, Apple, recently launched a new series of its “iPhone” phone, which bore the name: “iPhone 13”, “iPhone 13 mini”, “iPhone Pro”, and “iPhone Pro Max”, and it will be launched in UAE markets, as of September 24.

Processor and battery

Despite the great similarity between the versions in terms of design, there are a number of differences, most notably the technical differences, as the “iPhone 13” comes with a new processor that is faster in the “15A Bionic” chip, compared to the processor of the “iPhone 12” phones represented in the chip. “14 A Bionic”.

And “Apple” added to its new phones, improvements related to the battery capacity, which enables “iPhone 13” users to play videos on the phone for a period of up to 19 hours, compared to 17 hours in the “iPhone 12” phone.

imaging technology

The American company also worked to change the external appearance of the camera in the new “iPhone 13”, to become diagonally instead of the vertical shape of the two lenses in the “iPhone 12” version, and also improved the technical specifications of the camera, with the addition of the so-called “Cinematic Mode” or “Cinema Mode” which elevates the shooting mode of video clips to shooting similar to cinematography, with the use of artificial intelligence techniques, while the camera has been enhanced with 47% greater light sensitivity compared to the “iPhone 12” phone, with the feature of optical stabilization to take pictures in low light conditions .

weight and memory

Apple presented its new iPhone 13 with a weight of 173 grams, compared to 162 grams for the iPhone 12, and some technology experts explained the increased weight of the phone to the improvements made by the company to the batteries supported by it.

And “Apple” changed the memory capacity standards and limits in the “iPhone 13”, which will start with a memory capacity of 128 gigabytes, and also includes a capacity of 256 gigabytes, and up to 512 gigabytes in the largest capacity of the phone’s memory, compared to its “iPhone” phone. 12”, whose memory capacity starts with 64 gigabytes, then 128 and 256 gigabytes.

In turn, the new phone screen technology enables brightness of up to 28% compared to previous versions, which improves the level of brightness and visibility in general for phone screens.

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