Information about Shawq Al-Hadi after her dance with Mohamed Ramadan


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Shawq Al-Hadi and Muhammad Ramadan

Kuwaiti actress Shawq Al-Hadi faced a wave of criticism during the past hours, after appearing in a short video clip accompanied by the artist. Mohamed RamadanWhere they were dancing, which exposed it to a wide attack by the pioneers of social networking sites.

The Gulf artist was keen to share with her fans and fans a video clip during her meeting with Muhammad Ramadan on one occasion, and this came during the duo’s meeting in Dubai, where Muhammad Ramadan has been present for days in order to prepare for his new song.

Shawq Al-Hadi and Muhammad Ramadan

and trading pioneers social media platforms The video clip was widely viewed and gained a large number of views, after the young artist shared it through her personal account on the “Instagram” website during the past hours.

Information about the artist, Shawq Al-Hadi

In the following lines, “they” monitors the most important information about Al-Hadi’s longing, after circulating a video clip of her dance with Muhammad Ramadan.

A 25-year-old Kuwaiti artist, born on December 3, 1996.

– Actress Shawq Al-Hadi is the sister of Kuwaiti artist Farah Al-Hadi, who is one year younger than her.

She started working in the artistic field at a young age with her sister.

– Graduated from high school.

She started her artistic career with her sister Farah in 2007.

In 2015, she announced her marriage to a Kuwaiti, Badr Al-Mas.

– In 2015, after her marriage, she decided to stay away from acting and the lights of fame.

– At the end of 2017, she went out in a video clip to announce her separation from her husband, accusing him of beating her, humiliating her, insulting her and defaming her reputation.

– After her divorce from Badr Al-Mas, Farah returned to the acting profession through her participation in the play The Bats in 2018.

– She participated in a large number of artistic and dramatic works, the most important of which are Silver Her Heart is White, Al-Hadama, Umm Al-Banat, Lailat Eid and Lhahat Al-Khater. Among her works are Angel of Mercy, Amina Haf, Temporary Pulse, and God Answers Matar, and I loved you since childhood.

– The “Shahid VIP” platform recently showed its series “Angel of Mercy”.


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