In pictures.. Get to know “Portal Go”, the latest “Facebook” device for video communication


Facebook has launched the third generation of video communication devices, with a new service that will allow companies to spread the devices among their employees.

And Facebook revealed a new device for video chatting, called “Portal Go”, priced at $ 199, which comes with a 10-inch screen.

The Portal Go features a carrying handle and a battery that is enough to work up to five hours of communication via “Messenger” or 14 hours of listening while the screen is off.

Facebook first launched video calling devices in 2018, but it hasn’t revealed any sales figures for the device.

Facebook also announced a new version of the Portal Plus, which will retail for $349 with a 14-inch screen that can be tilted forward and backward.

The new Portal Plus is designed to be placed next to users’ computers at their desks to make video calls.

And “Facebook” stated that both devices are now available for pre-order, with the possibility of shipping starting on the nineteenth of next October.


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