In a Lebanese city..a project to secure electricity through solar energy


The mayor of Sidon, Eng. Muhammad Al-Saudi, held a press conference at the Municipal Palace, in the presence of the representative of MP Bahia Hariri, Amin Al-Hariri, the representative of MP Osama Saad Talal Arqdan, members of the Municipal Council Mustafa Hijazi, Kamel Kuzbar and Mahmoud Shreiteh, members of the Transparency and Justice Committee for the distribution of diesel in Sidon and the police leadership Municipal.

The conference was devoted to talking about the municipality’s efforts in facing the repercussions of the fuel crisis, and the efforts made to distribute the quantities of diesel to electric generators, utilities and various institutions through the special committee that it had launched to achieve transparency and fairness of distribution in Sidon, as well as the launch of the electronic platform for organizing obtaining gasoline from stations.The Saudi presented the most prominent items that were agreed upon, namely: “Opening all stations within the city of Sidon while providing the necessary security protection for them, forcing all closed stations to open under the possibility of withdrawing the license, and this will be done with the approval of the security forces, allocating a station for filling cars and public vans.” Gasoline-operated, allocating a station only for public cars, prohibiting the filling of gallons in all stations so that they are not sold on the black market.

He said: “The security forces will work to control the security-violating elements and prevent them from being on the stations, and there are people who considered themselves to be organizing entry to the stations for personal benefit, and these cases were also seized by the security forces.”He added: “All closed stations, which receive their shares from companies, must sell them in the city of Sidon, otherwise the licenses belonging to them will be frozen and their shares transferred through the municipality to the city’s stations, and the municipality will issue bonuses for small generators used in homes.”

He pointed out that “the most important thing in our meeting was to speed up the completion of the electronic application related to facilitating the filling of gasoline for the mechanisms of the residents of Sidon, with a number of stations allocated for this purpose. It is expected that this method will reduce the suffering of citizens at the stations.”

He pointed out that “what we did not mention in the clauses at the time are the stations that will be allocated to residents in the city of Sidon and its vicinity, so far they are three and we will increase a fourth or more. The three stations are Antar station (Al-Naf’a), the second Antar station (in the vicinity of Elia) and Al-Kilani station (opposite the library Ziyad), and this station has two entrances from the sea corniche and from Riad al-Solh Street, and we are also waiting for Coral for their approval to use the station opposite the electricity company.

He continued: “We were able to a certain extent on the issue of diesel to distribute it fairly, and of course for a while we have been distributing under the supervision of the Transparency and Justice Distribution Committee in Sidon. Whatever we distribute, the quantities are not enough. For example, last month we took twice a month, and the rest was secured by companies. Even companies from For a while, quantities of diesel were not given, especially after changing the price. Hence, the electronic application is very important.”

In response to a question about the municipality’s efforts to secure electric power, he said: “Three months ago, an American company expressed its willingness to implement a project to provide electric energy on solar energy, and they welcomed us and started discussions, and they told us that a station would be established in Batroun and a station in Sidon if we agreed with them. As for What is required for the station is to secure land with an area of ​​no less than 500,000 square meters, and the land was secured.We also had a meeting with the company that owns the project about two days ago and they sent us a draft agreement to be signed.In Tripoli, I signed the contract with the company, and we in Sidon will study the conditions, and if It was compatible with us, we will sign, and if the project is implemented, electricity will be secured for Sidon and the neighborhood at a rate of 100 megawatts, and God willing, if the required conditions are approved, then within 8 months or less, the electricity will be secured.

And whether Sidon had a share of the diesel of the Iranian ship, the Saudi replied: “We, as a municipality, through a committee of transparency and fairness of distribution, the source of distribution is the Zahrani refinery, the Tripoli refinery and the importing companies. As for Iranian or Iraqi diesel, what matters to us is that we receive the quantities from the sources. We take from them, to be distributed according to the prepared schedules. As for the other sources, i.e. the companies that distribute, they inform us of the quantities they have secured and we distribute on this basis.”

In response to a question about whether the municipality has a vision or a public transport plan between Sidon and its vicinity, especially in these circumstances, he replied: “There is a public transport project submitted by a local company that is being studied.”

Al-Saudi concluded: “For us, as a municipality, we are not a stick-breaker. We worked in this committee to distribute the quantities of diesel that we receive fairly to everyone. Sidon did not take its right of fuel. This voice should reach all officials who can deliver the right of Sidon more than us.”


After that, Eng. Hijazi presented the outlines of the electronic application in order to organize the process of obtaining gasoline for residents in Sidon, so that the mobilization is on the singular and permissible system for cars, pointing out that security escorts will be provided to the stations from state security and municipal police, as well as from civil society. .

Engineer Mosab Antar also presented the details of the electronic application that was completed by a team of engineers for the benefit of Sidon Municipality, noting that “filling the information of the electronic application by citizens is very easy and flexible.”


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