IMLebanon | Secret US-Israeli meeting on Iran


The American “Axios” website reported that the United States and Israel held a “secret” meeting this week, to discuss how to deal with Iran in the next stage.

The website quoted “two senior Israeli officials” as saying that a possible “Plan B” was discussed in the event that negotiations to restore the nuclear agreement concluded in 2015 were not resumed.

The meeting was held this week, via video link, and was led by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and his Israeli counterpart, Eyal Holata.

The Israeli side stressed the need to move forward with the “Plan B” regarding Iran due to the current stalemate in diplomatic talks and Iran’s acceleration of its nuclear program, while the US side expressed concern about the current stalemate.

An Israeli official revealed to the site that the United States will impose additional sanctions on Iran if talks are not resumed soon.


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