If you do a diet and don’t lose weight.. 5 steps that will help you lose weight


A weight loss plateau is a condition in which you fail to lose weight despite all efforts, although it is a natural obstacle that is part of the process, and can be disappointing and frustrating, causing many to give up the idea of ​​trying to lose weight, according to a report on the website time now news There are some tips for achieving a healthier BMI.

Top tips for overcoming a weight loss plateau:

Reduce your carbohydrate intake: As you begin your weight loss journey, making adjustments to your diet is the first step that dieticians recommend the first step to limiting your carbohydrate intake to prevent water retention and calorie buildup. However, after losing some weight, your body may get used to these The small amount of carbohydrates, which leads to a plateau phase of weight loss Therefore, to continue it is important to reduce the intake of carbohydrates even more so that you can continue to lose the extra kilos.

Eat more fiber: Fiber is one of the most satiating nutrients ever, it helps keep hunger pangs at bay and promotes weight loss over time. According to several studies, 30 grams of fiber per day is associated with weight loss, better blood pressure management, and a reduced risk of insulin sensitivity. Foods like oatmeal, berries, nuts, beans, lentils and legumes, you can break free from a weight loss plateau and continue to lose weight like a pro..

Accidental cheat meals: cheating while on a weight loss diet can be the enemy of your efforts if it happens too often However, a one time cheat meal may be beneficial when the body loses a lot of fat, the brain signals storage of calories over time which leads to a plateau Weight loss. Therefore, the best way to continue losing weight is to cheat every once in a while so the body continues to process fat the same way it did in the beginning..

Eat more protein: Nuts, lean meats, eggs, dairy, and other protein sources are your best bud for achieving weight loss goals in your weight loss plateau phase. Proteins can be helpful in keeping you full for a long time, reducing calorie intake and improving strength in workouts so Experts recommend increasing protein to reduce calories and speed up the stalled process.

Reduce salty foods: Salty foods lead to water retention and may be the reason why you are unable to lose more weight. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce your salt intake even more when you are on a weight loss plateau to ensure that you continue to shed kilos without hindrance.


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