I worked as a silent extra for the love of acting..and “A thousand congratulations” is a technical move for me


Thank you for reading the news about Laila Ezz Al-Arab: I worked as a silent actress for the love of acting. And “A thousand congratulations” is an artistic move for me and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – The artist, Laila Ezz Al-Arab, said that the concept of the family in our society now is not the same, and communication and communication are absent, and all because of the social media, which has become the only means of communication, and the issue has become dangerous.

She added, during her meeting with the media, Amr El-Leithi, on his program “One of the People” on the Al-Hayat screen, that the atmosphere of filming the series “Gigi’s Family” was wonderful and it was all love, and I raised my children and gave them great freedom.

Laila indicated that she was a bank manager, but in acting she was able to separate the two characters, and she said: “After graduation, I wanted to be an actress, study or take a fashion course, but my father prevented me from continuing to achieve my dreams and stood in my way, and suddenly I was hired in a bank.” .

And she continued: Acting was the first desire in my life, and I took a course and took some pictures through a famous studio and sent them to the registrars, and I started silent extras in my professional life, and then I stood in front of Ahmed Zaki and the first director Samir Seif, then I presented a scene or two, and it was difficult because I am a bank manager and I present A silent role or extras, but I challenged and said that this is a beginning, and the opportunity came when I was shown the movie “A thousand congratulations” with the star Ahmed Helmy, and I consider it an important shift in my life, and my husband refused to continue acting and I was an obedient wife.

The young artist, Moataz Hosam, said: I am proud of my participation in the series “The Choice 2” and “The Gigi Family” an important station in my life, and the scenes of the work were wonderful and distinctive.

Moataz added that he carefully chooses his roles and does not want to be present, especially after his participation in “The Choice 2”, and the series “The Gigi Family” sheds light on the issues of social media and trends, and evaluated whether they are positive or negative through an interesting social drama that attracts viewers and is close to all ages.


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