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The Lebanese singer, Yara, achieved a quarter of a million views, a day after the release of her latest songs, which bears the name “I went to you”, and she presented it through her official YouTube channel, yesterday, Tuesday.

Yara’s new song details

Singer Yara released her new song “I went to you” in the Egyptian dialect, a work that achieved great success and a high viewership as soon as it was released to the public, an exceptional work in which Yara collaborated with the words of the late poet Hussein El-Sayed, composed by musician Dr. Monther, so that the Arab audience will have a date with a unique musical work, during which they can enjoy a fine meal of the beauty of performance, the splendor of words and the gentleness of melody.

Singer Yara confirmed her happiness for presenting the song “I went to you”, stressing her pride in this work written by the creative poet Hussein Al-Sayed, and composed by musician Talal, revealing her hope to repeat the experience of presenting musical works in the future, due to her constant keenness to present a distinguished arabic art, which reflects her love For the art that she considers life for her.

Yara revealed that she is optimistic about the song “I went from you” because of its rap character and distinct artistic value, and the result is a unique musical experience artistically, crystallized in the form of a tarab song that lives in the memory and conscience of the audience.

She revealed that the song was filmed in Dubai, under the direction of the director, and it appeared in the song in a spontaneous and beautiful way, taking a remarkable idea that fits with the song’s lyrics, including:
I left from you and you are the one who knows from whence
I missed you, and you are the one who wants this
I don’t care, I don’t fear for you
Do not miss the heart share around you
Angry at what is not your request?
And you get upset, why isn’t that your command?
You come around and ask what?
Where are you looking at?

In the end, Yara indicated that she fell in love with the song from the first moment of hearing its words and melodies, through her constant quest to present a lyrical art that suits the taste of the audience, stressing her great enthusiasm to always provide the best through wonderful artistic experiences, with her keenness in her songs and illustrated works, to go on Lines that no one has walked on before, wishing that the new work “I went to you” would be admired by the audience.

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