I don’t want anything to scratch my hijab.. A Kuwaiti actress announces her retirement from acting permanently | news


Kuwaiti actress Souad Suleiman announced her retirement from art and acting permanently and wearing the hijab.

And through her account on Instagram, Souad Suleiman wrote, “I announce my retirement from the artistic field as an actress, thank God.”

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Recently, a video clip of the Kuwaiti artist spread through social media, explaining the reasons for her retirement from art, and she said, “I have been accepted, thank God, in a college of basic education, with an Islamic specialization, which I want. I will take care of my life, my studies and my children. I do not have time for acting.”

And she added, “In addition, I veiled and did not want anything to scratch my hijab, and I refuse to be an actress” and I am fully convinced of my decision to retire.

And she concluded, “I will always be present with you, and it does not mean that I stay away from acting, that I do not appear again, but I will participate in video clips when I am not busy. As for the decision to retire, I am convinced of it and feel very comfortable.”

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