“I don’t want anything to scratch my hijab.” A famous Kuwaiti artist announces her retirement for good


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Kuwaiti actress, Suad Suleiman,

The Kuwaiti artist, Suad Suleiman, known by the nickname “Saudah”, announced her retirement from the field of art and acting for good, and she wore the hijab.

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And through a group of photos that she posted on her account on “Instagram”, Souad Suleiman said: “I announce my retirement from the artistic field as an actress, thank God.”

While this announcement sparked controversy among her followers, many of them asked questions about the reason for retiring, while many wished her “success.”

And a video clip spread on social media, in which “Saouda” appeared, explaining the reasons for her retirement and her next steps, where she said: “The reason for my retirement, praise be to God, is that I accepted a basic education, an Islamic specialty, and this is what I want.”

And she added, “I will make my life to study and my children and I have no time for acting, in addition to that I have veiled and I do not want anything to scratch my hijab, and I refuse to be an actress,” stressing her “full conviction of her decision to retire.”

And she continued, explaining: “I will always be present with you, and it does not mean that I stay away from acting not to appear again, but I will participate in video clips in times when I am not busy. As for the decision to retire, I am convinced of it and feel very comfortable.”

Source: RT


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