Humaid Al Nuaimi issues a decree establishing the Protocol and Hospitality Department in Ajman


Ajman (WAM)

His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman, issued Emiri Decree No. 9 of 2021 regarding the establishment of the Protocol and Hospitality Department in the Emirate of Ajman.
The decree, which included 15 articles after the definitions, stipulated that a government department called the “Department of Protocol and Hospitality” would be established in the Emirate of Ajman, with legal personality and legal capacity necessary to undertake all actions and actions that would enable it to achieve its goals and carry out the tasks and powers entrusted to it under this decree and directly report to the Crown Prince. Head of the department in the Emiri Diwan.
The establishment of the department aims to achieve a set of objectives, the most important of which is to provide the highest levels of honors and hospitality for the ruler, the crown prince and members of the ruling family, in a manner that reflects the civilized heritage of the emirate and the state and in accordance with the standards applied locally and internationally, providing the appropriate environment and maximum comfort and reassurance for the ruler’s guests, the crown prince and members of the ruling family, and spreading the culture of protocol ceremonies and hospitality to those concerned in other government agencies.

The department undertakes a set of responsibilities in order to achieve its objectives, including managing and organizing all matters related to honors and hospitality in accordance with the highest standards applied locally and internationally, cooperating and coordinating with the offices of the rulers of the Emirates and relevant authorities regarding mutual visits and other issues related to the department’s competencies, and organizing and presenting all issues related to honors and hospitality to the guests of the ruler and his guardian The covenant from the ruling families, government officials, senior official and non-official figures visiting the emirate or the state, and the delegations accompanying them, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other competent authorities, organizing official interviews and meetings for the ruler, the crown prince and members of the ruling family, and organizing events and events that are sponsored by them. The terms of reference also include coordinating with the concerned authorities inside and outside the country in everything related to the signing ceremonies and memoranda of understanding sponsored by the ruler or the crown prince, proposing legislation to ensure the achievement of its objectives, preparing studies and research related to the department’s competencies and objectives, planning and implementing training programs for concerned workers in other government agencies and any Other tasks assigned to it by the ruler or the crown prince.
The Emiri Decree also stipulates that the department shall have a Director General appointed by an Emiri Decree from the Ruler, and a sufficient number of technical and administrative staff, whose job affairs will be managed and organized in accordance with the human resources legislation in force in the government of the Emirate.


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