Huawei President at a global conference: We are determined to continue innovation to drive digital transformation


The “Huawei Connect 2021” conference, the largest technical event of its kind in the world, which Huawei organizes annually in cooperation with its partners and customers, kicked off yesterday.

Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating chairman, opened the conference with a speech titled “Continuing Innovation to Drive Digital Transformation.” The conference is expected to discuss how to enhance the integration of digital technologies and various business scenarios and technical knowledge to overcome the challenges facing companies, and how to enhance cooperation between stakeholders to build an open technical ecosystem aimed at achieving mutual success.

The conference will witness the organization of 5 summits and 66 panel discussions with the participation of more than 200 leaders, senior technology experts and ecosystem partners. The conference will be broadcast live in 11 languages ​​on the website of Huawei and its media partners.

The event also includes the organization of online exhibitions that can be visited remotely and open discussion panels, providing a comprehensive experience that enables online interaction.

In his speech, Shaw spoke about the importance of helping organizations achieve digital transformation, saying: “The development in the digital field depends on digital technology. Therefore, we must continue to innovate to achieve the best value for the development of digital technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and networking, which are essential technologies to drive digital transformation.”

He explained that Huawei Cloud, which is specialized in providing cloud services, which was launched four years ago, has managed to gather more than 2.3 million developers, 14,000 consulting partners, and 6000 technology partners. The company has provided more than 4,500 services through the HUAWEI Cloud Marketplace, which has become one of the primary platforms that Internet companies, institutions and governments rely on to achieve digital transformation.

Xu announced the launch of the first fully cloud-based distributed service called UCS – a comprehensive service provided by Huawei Cloud based on cloud computing.

Huawei plans to provide a convenient experience for enterprises by relying on cloud computing applications that are not limited to geographical areas, cloud computing restrictions, or data traffic through UCS, which contributes to advancing digital transformation in all sectors.

He also reviewed Huawei’s innovations in the field of networks, especially since many organizations are looking to achieve an accelerated growth in the complexity of networks in light of the digital transformation it is witnessing, as Huawei is working on creating customized network solutions at the global level based on the Autonomous Driving Networks (ADN) system.

The company cooperates with clients in the financial, education, and healthcare sectors to innovate and publish more applications and build networks that can automate and automate operations, maintenance and improvement.

While Zhang Bing An, CEO of the Cloud Computing Business Unit and President of Huawei Consumer Cloud Services, spoke about the strategic initiatives, services and new products launched by Huawei Cloud at the conference, saying: “The key to achieving digital transformation is relying on cloud computing.”

“We are collaborating with customers and partners to explore digital transformation and explore all the possibilities that can be deployed as services – such as globally accessible infrastructure as a service and technology as a service to improve innovation and expertise as a service for shared prosperity,” he added.


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