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Saraya – Creating a bootable USB disk is absolutely essential if you’re using a Windows 10 computer. It saves you time when you have to reinstall the operating system again when you encounter performance issues.

Create a bootable USB disk for Windows 10

Microsoft offers a dedicated tool that you can use to download a Windows 10 system image to create a bootable USB disk

To do this, follow these steps:

Visit the Microsoft website via this link

Scroll down and tap the Download Tool Now option to download the Windows Installation Media Creation Tool

Open the Downloads folder and double-click the MediaCreationTool21H1 file to run it

The last four digits of the file name indicate the version number of Windows 10

Agree to the Microsoft Terms and Conditions. Then select the option to create installation media for another computer

Click on the next option to continue

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In the next window, select the language, version and architecture of the operating system

Check the box next to Use the recommended options for this computer if you are not sure and then click Next

Connect the USB disk to the computer, then select the first option and click on the Next option

Select a USB disk from the list. Be sure to choose the correct disk

The tool starts by creating a copy of the operating system in a USB disk

The process should take about 30 minutes and may increase slightly depending on your internet speed

Once done, click Finish and remove the USB disk from the computer

From now on if you need to reinstall the system, you can connect the disk to the computer and then select the option to boot from USB disk in the BIOS settings

You can do this by pressing the Esc or F2 key while starting the computer. Note that the key to enter BIOS settings varies by computer model and manufacturer

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