How much will the dollar drop if a government is formed?


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The optimistic atmosphere, about the imminent birth of the government in the coming hours, withdrew on the dollar exchange rate on the black market, as the price fell from 18,500 pounds to the dollar to 17,800 pounds (until the time of writing this article). Banking sources indicate that this price may drop to less than 16 thousand Lebanese pounds if decrees are issued on Wednesday.

The dollar witnessed a rise on the black market with data issued by both the Presidency of the Republic and the President-designate.

According to banking sources, it is expected that the black market price will continue to decline to the limits of 12,000 Lebanese pounds, as the government begins the negotiation process with the International Monetary Fund, and if reforms begin, the price will definitely be less than 10 thousand Lebanese pounds.

The sources add that controlling monopoly and smuggling will be an additional factor with which the dollar will return to the limits of 8,000 Lebanese pounds, which is the lowest number that it may reach in the next stage.

Of course, all the expectations that were mentioned are linked by the sources to the government’s negotiating process and reforms, and under the assumption that the government would not be confused by all previous governments.

The sources expect that there will be chaos in the price of the US dollar if the government is not formed or does not implement reforms, which will inevitably reflect on the food security of the citizen and the severe shortage of dollars.


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