How do we avoid premature graying? .. What is the relationship of nutrition to that?


There are those who try hard to hide gray hair, especially when it appears early. And we can act in a way that delays its appearance in the first place, if we pay attention to our food, as some studies confirm.

The first thing that attracts attention is artificial sugar and sweeteners, because they prevent the body from exploiting the benefits of vitamin E, and thus the amount of protein that the body gets is reduced, and the hair gets less nutrition.

The artificial colorings found in some foods such as pastries, biscuits and some drinks, if consumed in large quantities can cause a problem for hair and accelerate the appearance of gray hair, and also eating large amounts of animal protein is bad for hair, because the body converts the excess amount of it into uric acid (uric acid).

In general, age remains the main reason for the appearance of gray hair. Therefore, an understandable scientific explanation lies in the decline in the body’s secretion of melanin, the substance responsible for the original hair color. When hair cells stop producing melanin, hair loses its original color to white or gray.

This process is gradual at first, as the hairs turn gray or white, to include all hair over time.

The temple area is usually grayer than others, as well as the beard in men, because the hair in these areas is shorter and falls out more quickly, according to the German DW channel website.

However, some start losing their original hair color at an early age, which is known as the “white gray” phenomenon. This is due to several reasons, including what is genetic and what is organic, such as hormonal diseases, for example, in addition to the severe lack of nutrients, chronic psychological stress, tension and stress, which results in a decrease in the stem cells responsible for hair color. In addition to the effect of smoking, alcoholic beverages, taking some medications and trauma.

Experts believe that there are no magic recipes to avoid the appearance of gray hair at an early age, but there are some tips that can prevent its appearance early, including maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and staying away from the causes of stress and chronic psychological stress as much as possible, in addition to regularly reviewing the doctor to treat hormonal disorders. If it exists.



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