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Every human needs to communicate with others on an ongoing basis, since we are social beings by nature. And social media understood that well, and gave us what we needed. But not perfect.

Social networking sites, in their various forms, offer a set of basic characteristics and features. They are platforms that allow their users to make new friends, connect with friends and family, and participate in interest-based groups.

Since the invention of the Internet until the present time, thousands of social networking sites have appeared. However, few of them have achieved success and spread, and a very limited number of these networks have been able to survive and survive until the present time.

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Signs of social networking sites

GENIe site

GENie is the first social media platform in its current sense. This simple social network was introduced in 1985, and was affiliated with the well-known company General Electric. In fact, the name of the network is an acronym for General Electric Network for Information Exchange.

This simple network numbered more than 350,000 and was in use until the late 1990s. And GENie has completely disappeared.

Listserv . site

Later, in 1986, Listserv was launched, and this site provided a very simple service, which was the ability to send email messages to a large number of people at the same time, and that was a revolutionary feature at that time.

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Chat rooms appear

Chat rooms appeared in 1994 with The Palace service. It was a simplified model for social networking sites at the time. Where these rooms allowed communication between people and each other. Each person could choose a personal photo from among several fixed options. It is interesting that she Still working now.

SixDegrees first social networking sites

know platform SixDegrees.com It is the first social media platform in the modern sense. It was allowing users to upload personal photos. It also allows for effective communication with others.

The site was sold for US$125 million in 2000 and later closed in 2001 but returned to business after that. It is reported that it appeared for the first time in 1997. The site allows its users to send private messages and add publications and others.

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Blogging platform debut


Blogging platforms first appeared around 1999 and are a popular form of social networking sites. as considered Location LiveJournal is the oldest of those sites. It was a blogging site but with multiple social media.

The way the site operates encouraged following other users and building relationships and friendships with others. The site is still up and running.


LunarStorm introduced the ad system for the first time. It is the first social networking site that relied on advertisements to generate profits. This website was first launched in the year 2000 and was aimed mainly at teenagers.

The site was developed in Sweden. It also reached 1.2 million active users by 2007, and 70% of these users were between the ages of 12 and 17.

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Friendster site

Later, Friendster appeared for the first time, which is considered one of the leading social networking sites. The platform was established in Malaysia in 2002, and it was providing dating services along with traditional social networking services, but the site was closed down in 2015 completely.

Contemporary social media

Leading Social Media: LinkedIn

appeared platform Social networking for professionals LinkedIn in 2003 and the main reason for its success – as you can expect – is that it was aimed at employees, job seekers, managers, and professionals in general.

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MySpace Ascent and Descent

MySpace was launched in 2003 as well, and most of us were probably shocked by this platform when we first started using the Internet. This platform allowed users to create and customize professional profiles to the fullest. Besides the possibility to include music and video, which was revolutionary at the time.

The platform is still alive, but unfortunately no one uses it or talks about it, and perhaps Facebook has pulled the rug from under us.

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Later, in 2003, several platforms began appearing, such as the blogging platform WordPress and the popular photo sharing platform Flickr. Multiplayer MMOs are starting to appear as the gear allows it at the time.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

YouTube was launched in 2005 to offer a whole new approach to social communication, visual content. Reddit appeared in the same year. There is no doubt that YouTube has changed a lot about the reality of social media in general.

Later, in 2006, Facebook was launched to be one of the most powerful and important social networking sites ever. Most of us are probably aware of the charges surrounding the site and the fact that its idea was “stolen” from other people.

In 2006, the Twitter platform was also launched with a different idea, which is the limited number of characters when publishing, as well as being an ideal platform to follow global events.

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The newest social networking sites

Beginning in 2006, dozens of social networks appeared, but the most prominent of them was Instagram, which appeared for the first time in 2010. Perhaps this platform is the last important platform in terms of launch date.

And that was followed by the Chinese WeChat platform, which is rarely used in the Arab world in 2011. In addition to the appearance of Google Plus in 2011 before the company abandoned it permanently.

It was like this until TikTok appeared in 2016 before spreading like wildfire in 2020.

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