“Historic Night”… The first cinema show in Somalia in three decades



On Wednesday evening, Mogadishu residents were able to dive again into the world of seventh art, thanks to the first movie show in the city in 30 years, in a cultural event held under strict security measures in the Somali capital.

The history of Somalia’s National Theatre, built as a gift from Chinese leader Mao Zedong in 1967, bears witness to decades of turmoil in the country.

The site that hosted the movie show for its reopening in the past has seen suicide attacks, and warlords have used it as their base.

The director of the theater, Abdul Qadir Abdi Yusuf, confirmed earlier that this event will constitute a “historic night for all Somalis,” noting that the Somali National Theater seeks to be a space for expression for local artists.

On Wednesday evening, two Somali works were shown for the first time, two short films by director Ibrahim CM entitled “Obsession” and “Diet from Hell”.

The ticket price for this show was ten dollars, which is a high price for many Mogadishu residents.

The attendees were searched at several points, before reaching the theater, which is located in a heavily guarded area of ​​the city, which includes especially the presidential palace and the parliament seat.

Several sources told “AFP” that the parade was held without any security incidents.

Mogadishu had many movie theaters during its golden age, but all of these locations closed their doors, with the outbreak of the civil war in 1991.

Source: AFP


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