Hide Apps on iPhone – Learn How to Do…


Hide Apps on iPhone – Apple’s software has evolved and become more open to the world with every updated version of iOS, first a third-party keyboard was added and now you can use Face ID to create your own Animoji.

Hide Apps on iPhone – Learn How To Do It The Right Way

Hide apps on iPhone
Hide apps on iPhone

But there are still a lot of limitations in iOS when it comes to everyday mundane tasks, and they don’t allow for a lot of modification and customization without a compelling reason. Among these non-existent options is the option to hide applications from the main menu of the system, which is an important feature especially for Facebook or Snapchat users.

In comparison, Android doesn’t give you absolute access in order to hide apps from the main menu, but at least there are some ways and maneuvers that allow you to hide apps like the ones provided by Samsung, LG and HTC, Android access may not be at all but it’s more flexible from iOS.

Having said the above, we will tell you the information that you are eagerly awaiting; You can hide apps on iPhone phones, to find out how continue reading the article.

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Hide default apps

When it comes to default apps on your iPhone, you can simply go to Settings > Restrictions or Settings > Restrictions Create a passcode and hide the apps that will appear in the list and then restore them again when you need them.

If a default app doesn’t appear in the Restrictions list, you can hide it by tapping and holding the app icon and then waiting for the apps to vibrate in the list, then tap the x on the corner of the app you want to remove. When you do this, your settings and data will be preserved so you can restore them when you want to use the app again.

Hide Apps on iPhone - Learn How

Other applications

In order to hide third-party applications, you can create 12 application home pages and fill them with a lot of applications that you don’t care if someone sees them and hide the application you want inside a folder on the third or second page. Then the app will stay away from prying eyes but it will be difficult for you to open the app, especially if you use it frequently.

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There is another way to hide apps, but it is more complicated and will require some effort to accomplish, which is simply to change the icon of the application.

You can download an app icon changer like App Icons+ for $1.99 or Iconical for $2.99, Iconical is easier to use but more expensive.

Hide Apps on iPhone - Learn How

Create a path for the application you want to run, that is, link the application you want to hide (Snapchat) with the application, then write the name of the application (Snapchat) inside the application change the icon when it asks you for the path as it appears in the picture

Hide Apps on iPhone - Learn How

Then choose an icon to replace the original icon of the application, you can choose the icon that you like, after selecting the icon, click on the option “Add to main menu” The new icon will appear on the main menu.

Thus, you will be able to hide applications on iPhone phones, do you know other ways to hide applications on iPhone phones? Tell us in the comments.

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