Hermes Research Tops Institutional Investor’s Best Frontier Market Ranking


Today, EFG Hermes – the financial and investment institution in emerging and frontier markets – announced that the research sector ranked first among the best research companies in frontier markets, and second place in the Middle East and North Africa in general during the Institutional Investor survey. For 2021, for the fourth year in a row, in addition to occupying the seventh place in the emerging markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Five analysts from the research team of EFG Hermes ranked among the top 16 analysts in the Middle East and North Africa region, and three analysts in the top five frontier markets analysts list.

In this context, Ahmed Shams El-Din, Head of Research at EFG Hermes, expressed his pride in the tireless efforts made by the work team to enhance the range of research services and products provided, which resulted in the sector receiving such prestigious international recognition and honor, and consolidating its classification as the best research team in Emerging and frontier markets and various Middle East and North African markets.

Shams El-Din indicated that the sector’s obtaining this recognition during the current year is an exceptional achievement, amid shifting focus and interest of major listed companies to the markets in which the company operates. He stressed that the sector’s continued honoring and occupying these advanced ratings year after year reflects its strong capabilities to provide investors from major international institutions with products and insights, and its continuous endeavor to expand its research coverage.

It is worth noting that the Research Division of EFG Hermes has succeeded in growing its business and becoming the best provider of strategic research and stock market analysis products to a growing base of individual and institutional investors, distinguished by its insightful research coverage of emerging and frontier market companies and economies, and various markets in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The sector currently covers more than 300 companies in 22 different countries, benefiting from its direct presence in the markets of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The sector also supports IPOs, in which EFG Hermes is mainly involved; In light of the remarkable growth of capital markets activities in the markets in which the company operates.

For his part, Mohamed Ebeid, Co-CEO of the investment bank at EFG Hermes, stated that the continuous praise that the research sector of EFG Hermes receives year after year from Institutional Investor; It is a strong testament to the superior quality of research and analytical services and products provided by the sector and its ability to provide institutions and individuals with insights that represent a supporting pillar for their investment decisions in emerging and frontier markets. Obaid pointed to the pivotal role played by the research sector in the success of the operations of listing companies in the capital markets, and in promoting IPOs with effective mechanisms and means for major international investment institutions, noting that the sector actively participated in six new offerings during 2021.

He also affirmed his confidence in the capabilities and combined expertise of EFG Hermes and its ability to continue providing the best advisory services and high-quality research products that live up to the aspirations of clients, especially in light of its work to implement a wide range of deals during the coming period.



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