Hassan Youssef: I regret these works… and this is my advice to young artists


Youssef said that he does not feel sad at the present time because the producers did not show him artworks; Being the owner of a long history in cinema and drama, and contemporaneous with a group of stars when they got old, they could not find work and sat in their homes.

The able Egyptian artist considered, “The drama in our time is limited to the role of the young man and the girl whose parents refuse to marry or something like that.”


The artist revealed Hassan Youssef About an offer he received to participate in one of the dramas, but another actor was hired, especially after he asked for a wage of five million pounds, and then the producing company asked to reduce the wage to three million pounds, but the work budget did not allow after that, which forced him to refuse to participate,

He said that the last wage he received was for his role in the series “Zahra and her Five Husbands”, with a value of three million pounds.

Youssef participated in the series “Zahra and her Five Husbands”, which was shown in August 2010, accompanied by the star Ghada Abdel Razek And the talented artist Karima MokhtarBassem Yakhour, Ahmad Al-Saadani, Hayatam, Hana Al-Shorbagy, Muhammad Lotfi, Rehab Al-Jamal, Shams and Muhammad Ali Rizk. Directed by Muhammad Al-Naqli and written by Mustafa Muharram.


Speaking about the stations of his artistic career, Youssef acknowledged his remorse for presenting three cinematic works during his artistic career, due to the weakness of the script, including the movie “The Girls’ Revolution” with the late artist Nadia Lutfi, saying that he accepted these works because of his need for money; The producers knew his need for money and offered him works that he described as “shaky”, and he accepted them.

But at the moment he preserves his history and does not accept any work and does not hurt his history with anything after his long artistic career.

He criticized the able artist for ignoring his producers and some great artists such as Rashwan Tawfiq and Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, explaining that one of the producers focuses on his wife, a star and her husband, as they are friends. In this context, Youssef criticizes what he described as “paralysis” in the artistic community.

The able artist also touched on the rumors that haunt him from time to time, including rumors of illness or death in some cases, commenting: “There are some people who have a void to write such news,” denouncing the kind of news circulated that targets many artists.

Shams al-Baroudi

And the able artist moved by talking about his wife, the retired artist Shams al-BaroudiHe explained that her retirement was her personal opinion, “and she is free in her actions.”

He said that he had initially thought that the decision would be “a period of time that passes, and then she goes back to her decision…but that did not happen, and she insists on her opinion.”

He revealed that artworks are being offered to her, the character on the paper is very good, and the wages are appropriate, but she refuses.

He also revealed that Al-Baroudi was offered a program for 20 million pounds, which was suitable for her, as he presented her personal and artistic career in a manner worthy of her and in the form of memoirs, and it was shown on one of the major satellite channels, but she refused; Adhering to the decision to retire technical. Personally, he said, he thought the opportunity was good, “but it’s free in her opinion.”

In the same context, Youssef spoke about his position on the works that his wife participated in in her youth, and the extent to which he felt “jealousy” from some scenes, saying that she is like the rest of the artists, and did nothing to the contrary, and that he did not feel “jealousy”. He explains that he watches her films and discusses with her because she has mastered those roles that she embodied.

Regarding his divorce from the artist Lebleba, Youssef indicates that he did not regret that decision. He explains that the decision was correct and at an appropriate time, refusing to go into more details about that decision.

Curriculum Vitae

And about whether he intends to present his personal and artistic biography in a dramatic work, he stated that in the case of submitting a dramatic work that deals with his career, his son Omar Hassan Youssef is the best fit to play his role in the youth stage, as he presents the stage of his progress in life.

The able artist addresses the role of the artist as a role model, saying that throughout his life he did not smoke or drink alcohol, sending a message and advice to young artists with that, “The artist is a talent and he must be vigilant, in order to offer what is best for him.”


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