Happy Saudi news from New York.. Two children kidnapped the taekwondo championship


In good news for sports fans in Saudi Arabia, the 11-year-old heroine, Kinda Al-Maawi, and her 8-year-old brother, Ahmed, won the Taekwondo Federation championship in the US state of Illinois.

Kinda’s achievement came after winning two gold medals for her age group, while Ahmed won two gold medals for his age group (7-9).

The Saudi girl was involved in taekwondo at an early age, and she had previously achieved many achievements in the United States of America, where she and her brother live with their parents on scholarships to study there.

indescribable feelings

Kinda’s father said in an interview with Al Arabiya.net, “The feelings of joy are indescribable when I see my children achieving the most difficult sports at an early age,” stressing that it is a sport that requires great effort.

He also added that the achievements came as a result of the training camps, and the continuous follow-up of the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Washington, Princess Rima bint Sultan, who provided his two sons with guidance and support when they met her at the Saudi embassy in Washington.

Achieving a championship in the name of the homeland

Achieving a championship in the name of the homeland

In addition, he explained that the meeting had a great impact on them, to work with dedication in order to raise the Saudi flag in international forums, noting that Kinda had achieved local and international achievements in the game of taekwondo, and in October last year she won the championship cup for obtaining first place at the level of the Federation Central America, which was held in Atlanta, with the participation of male and female players representing 8 American states.

The youngest Saudi player

He also added that Kinda was included in specialized clubs, where she started in the white belt, pointing out that she trained and participated in many tournaments, and after that the achievements continued.

And she won the championship cup for her age group, outperforming 35 contestants, and the last championship that Kinda achieved when she grabbed the first place and won the Northeast American Federation Championship Cup held in the city of Chicago. Other internationals, while Kinda is also preparing to participate in the Illinois State Federation Championship.

Ahmed when he won the championship

Ahmed when he won the championship

He said: “My daughter started taekwondo in 2015 in Tennessee at Taekwondo School, and her first and official participation was in 2017 in the Central American Federation Championship, and she witnessed the participation of 8 states, and the tournament was based in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, and she won first place in the Federation Championship. Central America. He added that the family moved to Chicago because of studying, where they signed up for Lee Soo Taekwondo School, and had a second participation in Carbondale, Illinois, in April 2018 in the Illinois state level playoffs.

She also won the first place, thus qualifying for the Northeast American Federation Championship 2018, while she was able to participate in the third place in the Northeast American Federation Championship in October 2018, and won the gold medal and the championship cup.


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