Hani Shaker “alerts” Muhammad Ramadan: There are no exceptions


The captain of the Musicians in Egypt, Hani Shaker, stressed that the artist Mohamed Ramadan No exceptions are made to the new penalties imposed by the Syndicate.

Regarding Ramadan concerts, which are always held in “Flasha” without musicians, Shaker told local media on Tuesday that “any concert for any singer or artist, no matter what, will not be held without a band.”

He also stressed that “anyone who violates this will be punished by the union, as happened with the artist Ahmed Saad, who was fined 20 thousand pounds for taking only 4 musicians to his concert.”

It is noteworthy that the Musicians Syndicate had taken a package of decisions earlier this month after the crisis that occurred between the duo. Hassan Shakoush and Reda El BahrawyMost notably, it is forbidden to sing in the “playback” method using what is known as “flash”, provided that the singer is accompanied by a band of at least 8 musicians.

Ahmed Saad (archive)

Ahmed Saad (archive)

And last Thursday, singer Ahmed Saad violated these decisions with his concert in the North Coast region, and he sang in the “Playback” style, and he used only 4 musicians.

Threatening a “disciplinary board”

After filming the ceremony and sending a copy of it to Hani Shaker, the syndicate issued a decision to punish Saad with a fine of 20,000 pounds.

The union also warned Saad against repeating this matter, pointing out that the next time he will be referred to the Disciplinary Council, which has all the powers to confront the singer under the law.


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