Hani Salama shocks the audience: “My daughters do not watch my work for this reason.”


Hani Salama

Artist Hani Salama confirmed that his two daughters did not follow up on his artwork, because his eldest daughter, Maryam, was affected by a scene of him in one of the artworks crying badly, stressing that the little girl went into a crying fit of fear for her father and then decided not to watch any artwork for him, and if she followed last Ramadan. Some episodes of his series “Between Heaven and Earth”

Hani Salama added, in the second part of his dialogue to Her Excellency’s program with the artist, Esaad Younis: My daughters until today, they did not see me or any artwork, except between Heaven and Earth, which was shown in the last Ramadan season 2021.

Hani Salama continued: They did not follow me, nor a movie, nor a series, and the reason is that Mary, my eldest daughter, by chance, was watching TV, and she found me crying in a scene from the movie “You are my life.”

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Hani Salama continued, saying: Maryam went to her mother, and she believed the scene very much, and she did not want to see her father crying, and I thought the topic was real, and from her time she was not watching, you can hear from her colleagues, but do not follow up. I have two daughters, Maryam, 14, and Malika, 10.

Hani Salama admitted that he was seriously considering transferring his family’s residency outside Egypt after receiving death threats during the filming of the series “The Preacher”, and added: I was threatened with death, because of the “preacher”, and he told me by letter, “He is away from us, Hani, Salama.”

Hani Salama confirmed that he felt fear for his family and said: I am an Egyptian-Canadian woman, I thought to move them to live in Canada, but it is very far away, then I thought about El Gouna and thought about many needs, but I made the series, because it is an enlightening thing at the right time.


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