Hani Salama reveals why his daughters do not want to see his work (video) | news


Artist Hani Salama revealed the reason why his daughters did not want to see his artwork.

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Salama said in his interview with Issaad Younes on the “Her Excellency” program, “My daughters are so late, they don’t need anything but between heaven and earth.”

He continued, saying, “Maryam, my eldest daughter, by chance, used to watch TV and a movie, You Are My Life, was shown when she was 3 or 4 years old, and she saw me crying and I collapsed.”

He added, “She went to her mother, who collapsed, and from that moment she did not watch.”

He also revealed the age of his children, Maryam, 14, and Malika, 10.

Hani Salama went on to say that he discovered that the sons of artists do not watch the works of their fathers.

It is noteworthy that Hani Salama participated in the last Ramadan season in the series “Between the Sky and the Earth” with Dora, Yousra Al-Lawzi, Muhammad Tharwat and other elite stars.

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