Haifa Wehbe’s daughter mocks the follow-up because of her mother!


Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, surprised the audience with a response to a follow-up accusing her of imitating her mother.

Zainab published a picture of her through her official account on Instagram, in which she appeared with an attractive look and commented on her with the balls, “The world will dance while you are with me, and I know you will ask me about my dress that makes the mind easy.”

Followers interacted with the photo, but one of the followers accused Zainab of imitating her mother and said, “I imitate Diva Haifa in everything, even in the way she wears make-up. Photography. When you dress, you shorten your clothes, no matter how much you try in Haifa, physically alone. No, you are not tired. It will not be repeated no matter how beautiful you try.

Zainab replied to her in an unexpected and unexpected way, saying, “I seek refuge in God from malice and malice, change your profile picture.”


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