Guterres criticizes the “unfair distribution” of Corona vaccines


و .عرب Guterres Expressed his displeasure at the lack of sufficient international cooperation in the field of vaccination, in a speech he delivered in New York, coinciding with the opening of the seventy-sixth session of the General Assembly for the United Nations.

Repercussions are expected Corona crisis, on the work of the current session of the General Assembly, especially as it led to the aggravation of the humanitarian and economic situation in a number of countries in the world.

On the other hand, Guterres called for advancing peace between Israel and the Palestinians in order to achieve lasting peace through the two-state solution. In his speech, the Secretary-General of the United Nations stressed the need to address the phenomenon of climate change and its dangerous repercussions.

On the humanitarian level, Guterres reiterated the commitment to mobilizing aid to conflict areas such as Syria, Yemen and Ethiopia.

Guterres called on China and the United States for dialogue and understanding, amid indications of a trend Washington and Beijing To more frantic rivalry that reaches the point of tension.

In another file, the Secretary-General of the United Nations called on all parties to the conflict Ethiopia to start a political dialogue.


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