Guardiola refuses to apologize to Manchester City fans


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola refused to apologize for inviting more fans to attend the team’s match against Southampton in the English Premier League.

And the British news agency (PA Media) reported that Guardiola angered the fans of the team, after he said in statements that he wanted to attend more than 38,062 spectators, the number that attended City’s wide victory over Leipzig at the start of the team’s Champions League campaign.

Kevin Parker, general secretary of the official City fan club, described Guardiola’s comments as “disappointing and unnecessary”, noting that the loyalty of fans to her team could not be questioned by drawing attention to the numbers of attendance and empty seats.

Parker added that Guardiola has to take into account a lot of reasons why fans may not attend matches.

Nevertheless, Guardiola confirmed that he did not mean that point, noting that his statements were misinterpreted, explaining that he was talking in general about the benefits of having a full stadium in a difficult match.

“Did I say after the Leipzig game that I was disappointed because the stadium was not full?” Guardiola said in a press conference, today, Friday.

He added: “The explanation is the same, I won’t apologize for what I said, I’m surprised what happened with that guy (Parker).”
And the Spanish coach explained: “After five seasons, if people do not understand my behavior towards the fans, it is because they want to misunderstand exactly what I said. I will not apologize for a second for what I said because I was honest.”

He continued: “In the last year and a half, and in two seasons, we played without them (the fans), unfortunately, but I am very grateful for the support we got against Leipzig in the last match.”

“If you want to join us, we will be very happy if you come to watch our match against Southampton because I know exactly how difficult the match will be,” he concluded.

Tickets for Manchester City’s home matches in the Champions League group stage do not usually sell out, which leads to the ridicule of fans of other clubs.



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