Google’s 23rd birthday Learn about the emergence of the largest search engine and the developments of its birthdays


Google’s 23rd birthday has just begun, as the huge search engine celebrates its birthday on September 27 of every year, but this day is not the only holiday for the search engine, we start with you the story of Google’s emergence from the beginning, according to the British newspaper The Independent, where it was the beginning of the emergence of the search engine Search In September 1998, the search engine was founded by two PhD students at Stanford University in California, USA, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Google 23 . birthday

The goal of these two students from founding Google was to collect all available global data in one place to facilitate searching for it, for this they developed an algorithm called BackrubK, and the name remained in use for two years before it was named Google, but why was this name chosen, because it is because He managed to recover googol, which is a mathematical term that means “the unlimited amount of information”.

Google 23 . birthday
google birthday 23

With the emergence of the search engine, Google faced fierce competition from the search engines present at this time, such as the search engine yahoo and the search engine ask jeeves, but Google was able to withstand and acquire the information arena, and it is worth noting that the Google search engine receives approximately 63 thousand searches every second .

Google’s four birthdays

And the surprise that some may not know is that September 27th is not the first birthday of Google, but Google’s birthdays passed in four stages. The birth of Google in the following stages:

  • The first holiday is on the 7th of September.
  • In 2005 the second holiday was on September 8.
  • The third holiday, September 26.
  • The fourth and final holiday is on September 27.


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