Gold prices today, Friday.. anticipate the speech of the President of the US Federal Reserve


waiting global gold market Precious metals and the stock market also today, Friday, September 24, 2021, speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, in which he touches on the interest rate situation in America, and the German business climate announcement is scheduled from the Ifo.

The global gold market was likely to be strongly affected by the US Federal Reserve’s hints of a near hike in the US interest rate, which is now close to zero, as well as the Fed’s waiver of the stimulus program and bond purchases, this news could have plunged gold below $1750, but The debt crisis of the Evergrande, which exceeds 300 billion dollars, continues to cast a shadow over all global stock exchanges and financial markets.

The price of an ounce of gold globally is now recording $ 1770, and gold received support from the decline of the US dollar affected by large selling during the past hours due to the announcement of reducing the stimulus program, as the US dollar retreated from its highest level in almost a month, which it reached after the US Federal Reserve paved the way In front of raising interest rates next year, and improving sentiment in global markets encouraged dealers to sell the dollar.

Gold prices in Egypt today record 778 pounds per gram of 21 karat, and 18 karat records the price of 669 pounds per gram, and 24 karat gold records the price of 780 pounds per gram.


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