Ghada Abdel Razek shocked her fans with her behavior .. Does it pave the way for the decision to retire?


The Egyptian actress surprisedGhada Abdel RazekHer followers, after she deleted all her posts from her personal page on the social networking site, without knowing the reason behind this.
This sparked controversy among Abdel Razek’s followers, especially as she shared her 10 million followers with all her looks and dramatic and cinematic works.
Abdel Razek’s followers were divided into two parts. The first section indicated that she took this step to return to the top of the trend again, and then announces something related to her upcoming dramas, and the second section puts forward speculations about her retirement soon, and announces the end of her artistic career.
It is worth noting that Ghada’s last appearance was a few days ago when she congratulated her daughter “Rotana” on her birthday, and on this occasion sent her a touching message in which she expressed her deep love for her.


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