German urologist warns men: pay attention to these symptoms


German urologist Dr. Olaf Reichelt said that stage I prostate cancer has no warning signs.

He added that in the advanced stage of the disease, some symptoms that indicate infection with it appear, namely: difficulties during urination and bone pain in the lower part of the back and on the side.

The German specialist stressed the need to consult a doctor immediately after noticing these symptoms, explaining that prostate cancer can be verified through some tests such as allergy testing, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) value, magnetic resonance imaging and biopsy (taking a sample of cells).

Reichelt stressed that early diagnosis increases the chances of recovery, pointing out that treatment includes hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and in severe cases, surgery is used.

Prostate cancer, which attacks adults in particular, can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle based on healthy nutrition, regular exercise, quitting smoking and alcohol, and working to lose weight in the event of obesity.

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