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Makkah Al Mukarramah, Safar 17, 1443 AH, corresponding to September 24, 2021 AD
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gives the Grand Mosque the utmost care and great attention and care at all levels, especially the building and expansion of the Grand Mosque, to receive the guests of the House of God, including the third Saudi expansion, which was manifested in the packages of capabilities and services according to tight planning, extensive study and engineering expertise that seeks to provide the finest services to my clients The Two Holy Mosques throughout the year.
The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque is responsible for supervising the service, technical, engineering and guidance works in the third Saudi expansion, through field tours and submitting their reports to the authorized person, and communicating with general managers and relevant authorities to end observations raised about work productivity and improve the quality of services provided.
The services provided in the third Saudi expansion, through the concerted efforts of the departments and security, control and service authorities, vary between sterilization and disinfection services for all chapels and corridors, providing field services with the latest methods and international specifications, and providing technical services in all its service, guiding and reconnaissance forms, such as electronic written and guiding boards that are distinguished by their ease of design, and sites are suitable for content. In addition to completing the packages of structural and electromechanical works, and architectural finishes, and the issuance of licensing regulating these works and other services provided by the Presidency on the sides of the Grand Mosque.
In the same context, the presidency organizes the entry of worshipers to the sites designated for prayer in accordance with the procedures followed for permit holders, through which they devoted their energies to preparing the chapels and harnessing the capabilities in accordance with the controls of precautionary measures and physical distancing by placing distancing posters in all pre-prepared chapels, with a distance of “two meters” for each worshiper and another. In all the prayer sites designated for men and women, in order to preserve the safety of the pilgrims to the Sacred House of God. The General Administration for Persons with Disabilities also supervises the chapels designated for people with disabilities and takes care of them, allocating golf carts to transport them in the courtyards of the Haram, and translating legal questions into sign language if they need to.
The third Saudi expansion is a historical and qualitative shift in the history of the Grand Mosque and contains many architectural designs of high quality and distinctive geometric shape. Qur’anic, and geometric decorations, which contributes to adding more splendor and beauty that covers the space of expansion, and its features are in harmony with the general style of the ornament of the Grand Mosque. Copper, glass, earthenware and marble, in addition to the geometrical motifs used in various forms in Islamic art and architecture.
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