Gasoline stocks will run out soon, and the ships can’t unload, waiting for the credits to open


A member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners, George Brax, warned that “the gasoline crisis is further exacerbated, because the stock in the stations is sold to citizens, and the stock in the companies is delivered to the stations, but the ships at sea cannot unload.” Because the Banque du Liban did not grant it the necessary credits.

He explained, in a press interview, that “the stock will run out soon, and in the coming days we will witness the closure of many stations, and only a few will remain, and their hoses will open, and therefore we will witness more queues.” He pointed out, “Yesterday, there were 55 million liters of gasoline, which is not enough stock for more than the middle of next week at best,” stressing that “if the ships are not unloaded, the country will be paralyzed due to running out of gasoline.”

Al-Barraks pointed out that “since the decision to permanently lift fuel subsidies has been taken, and the new prime minister confirmed it, I call on the forthcoming government and the new Minister of Energy to issue the new mechanism as soon as possible and in a smooth manner, before the situation worsens, so that the ships can be unloaded and we avoid this The great crisis.

He hoped that “a schedule of compiling fuel prices would be issued on Wednesday on the basis of lifting the subsidy.” He wondered about the “mechanism that the Banque du Liban” would adopt when lifting the subsidy. “. He stressed, “the necessity of holding a meeting between the Ministry of Energy and Water, importing companies and station owners, to discuss the stations’ royalty and the mechanism for implementing subsidy lifting in the event that import liberalization is approved.” He expressed his belief that “the Central Bank will keep the mechanism of dealing as it is today, and the change will be only in the price of the dollar, which will be decided without support.”


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