Gasoline crisis .. Is there a breakthrough?


A member of the Syndicate of Station Owners, George Al-Barraks, explained: “We were not officially notified of the issue of opening credits on the basis of the 8000 liras, but things are going in this direction for several ships, and this leads to a breakthrough in the crisis, pending the government’s decision.”

In an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon”, he added, “The agreement basically is that the support is for the end of September and the lifting of the final support does not necessarily mean a solution to the crisis, as what is the price on which the dollar will be based and from where will the dollars be secured?”

Al-Barraks continued, “One step to solve the fuel crisis is to secure the necessary credits for companies according to the market’s need, and as long as the imported quantities are less than the market’s need, the queues remain.”

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