Find out when the league ends with its three scenarios


Amer Hussein, supervisor of the Competitions Committee in the League of Clubs and a member of the committee, developed 3 scenarios for the establishment of the Premier League matches in the new season 2021-2022, which is to establish the league from one role, and the second scenario is to establish the league in a two-group system, and the third scenario is to establish the league in its usual system, which is a league of a group One of two roles.

And it was decided to start the Premier League competition on October 25, and the single-round and two-group leagues would end in July.

While the one-group round of two rounds ends in August.

The officials of the Club Association proposed a new vision for the shape of the Egyptian League competition in the new season 2021-2022, and it is scheduled to be presented to the clubs during the coming period.

The proposal includes the establishment of a league competition from one group; But with home matches only and there are no return matches, i.e. 17 rounds, then the first 8 teams in the standings play in a final group in which the one who gets the highest number of points in total is crowned, and the rest of the clubs play in another group to determine the rest of the positions and the relegated.

The League will also present to the clubs two other scenarios, the first of which is to establish the league championship from one round with a home and away system, i.e. in its current system, and the second scenario to be in two groups, then the first and second of each group qualifies for a four-way round, in which the first place is crowned with the league.

The Executive Office of the Association of Clubs decided, in its meeting today, Sunday, to hold the League Cup matches in the month of January, coinciding with the international pause to hold the 2022 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon..

And the Association of Clubs decided at today’s meeting to create a new championship under the name “The League Cup”, to be organized in the new football season, after presenting its details to the Premier League clubs..


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