Finally, the Kingdom clarifies the conditions for travel to Saudi Arabia after the opening of flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, according to certain regulations


Many social networking sites and search engines topped the phrase “urgent” to open flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, so we present to you the conditions for travel to Saudi Arabia, as this news states that flights will return again between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt after stopping the last period due to the Corona virus and the desire to prevent the spread of the virus between countries and some of them And the Saudi government has announced the opening of travel to and from Saudi Arabia again, while adhering to some new conditions for travel, the most important of which is that the traveler receives two doses of the Corona virus vaccine.

Travel conditions for Saudi Arabia

Many people are currently searching for the conditions for entering Saudi Arabia set by the Saudi Authority for the return of travel to it from its employees and residents, as Saudi Arabia had decided to open flights to some countries only in the past period to perform Hajj and Umrah, but now the new travel controls have been set. To Saudi Arabia for all other countries, namely:

  • Vaccination with the approved coronavirus vaccine and taking a booster dose of the approved vaccine in Saudi Arabia.
  • Conduct a coronavirus test on time and submit a report.
  • Commitment to the institutional quarantine set by the Saudi government.
  • The duration of the quarantine is five days. The traveler performs the examination during the first day of his arrival in the Kingdom and again on the fifth day.
  • The institutional quarantine ends with the resident proving negative against the Corona virus.

Open flights from Egypt and Saudi Arabia

The aviation authority in Saudi Arabia is negotiating with the relevant authorities all the time to reach final decisions regarding the return of travel to Saudi Arabia from Egypt, so the previous new conditions were set and stressed adherence to them, but the deadline has not been set yet, knowing that travel to Saudi Arabia is from people affiliated with the community. The Egyptian is available at any time according to the conditions set for them.

There are many countries that have recently allowed entry into their lands, but we do not know what will happen in the coming period with the entry of winter, and the start of the fourth wave of the Corona virus, it is possible that the door to flight will be closed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or other different Arab countries from Jordan, Qatar and others. a lot.


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