Fifi Abdo’s video with shocking statements about her childhood suffering: “She ran away from the house and slept on the stairs.”


Fifi Abdo, the Egyptian star, was a guest on Thursday’s episode of the “Sira” program presented by the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, on the Egyptian dmc screen, and Fifi Abdo spoke about details of her private life and artistic career, and topped the trend with her statements.

Fifi Abdo reveals the strength of her mother’s personality towards her and her sisters

Fifi Abdo confirmed during the meeting that she is keen to hide the name of her late mother and not mention it in the media, for fear of being exposed to witchcraft, especially since she had gone through these experiences before, and also talked about her life in childhood and adolescence and the beginning of her entry into the artistic field, and the Egyptian artist confirmed that her mother was She and her five sisters were severely beaten, as they would always be severely beaten if any of them did something wrong.

Fifi Abdo explained that her father decided to marry another woman, and bore her 6 sons, but his relationship with her mother has been strained since then, but they remained together until his death, and the Egyptian star revealed that their father’s wife treated them badly, and she refused to sleep Fifi or her sisters then in their childhood.

Fifi Abdo’s father asked for her hours before his death

Fifi Abdo explained that she decided to gift her mother with a pilgrimage trip, and pointed out that her father, as soon as he learned about this, reprimanded her, because she did not give him a similar gift, but Fifi assured him that he would accompany her mother on this trip, which is what actually happened, pointing out that He died shortly after returning.

Fifi Abdo revealed her father’s request to her a few hours before his death, as he wished that his family of 12 sons and daughters, and his two wives, would gather together in the same house, which Fifi agreed to and they all met in her house, explaining that only hours passed and her father was dead. .

The difficulties that Fifi Abdo faced in her childhood

Fifi Abdo also confirmed that if she had gone back in time, she would have acted differently than what she had previously done, as she would not have taken the path of art and oriental dance because of the many difficulties she faced, and she would have offered condolences to her half-sisters upon the death of their mother, and her stepmother. Because she didn’t do that at the time.

Fifi Abdo revealed that her mother was refusing to enter the field of art, and at the age of 12, she ran away from her mother, and went to her uncle to tell him about the possibility of joining one of the popular groups that she met through her sister’s neighbor, but her uncle refused to keep up with her in her request, but she insisted on Her dream and already joined the popular band.

The Egyptian star explained that she faced many difficulties during that period, which led her to sleep at the entrance to the buildings at night and during the day. She used to spend her time with some of her acquaintances until the time of her show, stressing that she did not live her childhood normally and is currently keen to make up for what she missed.

The photos are taken from Wafaa Al-Kilani and Fifi Abdo’s Instagram account and Al-Sira program on YouTube.


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