Fifi Abdo: I got married 5 times.. they are all customary


Ahmed Alaa

Posted in: Saturday 18 September 2021 – 4:22 AM | Last update: Saturday 18 September 2021 – 4:22 am

The artist, Fifi Abdo, said that she had been married five times, explaining that all these marriages were “orfi”.

And she added, during her meeting with the “Sira” program, presented by the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, on Friday evening: “I don’t know the man before I marry him, maybe we will be angry with each other.”

She pointed out that her first husband did not respond to her request for divorce, so she chose to make all her marriages customary so that the matter of separation would be easy.

She explained that she did not complete a year in her first marriage, like most of her marriages, with the exception of the “last”, which she described as “prolonged with me”, as she put it.

Fifi stated that when she became pregnant with her daughter, she converted the marriage into a legal one, pointing out that her first marriage was when she was around 16 years old.


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