Fifi Abdo exposed to violence: People are behind those who kneel


The Egyptian dancer revealedFifi Abdo​Secrets about her private life that have not yet been revealed and that have always been the focus of the attention of her fans.
Abdo talked about her childhood and her mother’s very harsh upbringing, revealing that her mother used to beat her with a bicycle.
And Fifi Abdo added while she was a guest with the…FlagsWafaa Al-Kilani on the dmc screen: “When my parents marry my mother, she remains the six and the man.. Her heart was cut because I took her from my father, she used to beat me and my sisters with the Sudanese carbag.”
And she continued, “Once, when I came back from outside, I met her, hitting my sister, and she was satisfied with a terrible violence. I had to break free. My sister got stuck in a leech, although I was very good, and I did not want anything to accept her.”
And I continued, affected by Abdo: “My mother did not sit with us with old people talking, and I was 10 years old. I did not know how to ask her. We Jenna how to get married, and until I got married, I thought that people were behind those who rode her… She understood us like this, I did not have the arrogance that exists now .. What? I was in the media like I am now.”


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