Female artists accused of immorality and immorality, the last of which is Fifi Abdo


It is not new for female artists of the Arab world to receive sharp criticism from followers, especially if the works they present are bold.
Many of the artists, who have been criticized by Siham in recent times, because of what they published on the pages of social networking sites.

In monitoring some of the artists who were accused of practicing debauchery and inciting immorality:

Fifi Abdo
A few days after she published a video while she was dancing with a “hammam towel”, an Egyptian lawyer filed a complaint with the Egyptian Attorney General, accusing her of spreading immorality and immorality, and confirmed through the lawsuit that the video contradicts the public morals of the values ​​of Egyptian society.

Raniya Yousif

Actress Rania Youssef received dozens of complaints in the Public Prosecution Office after appearing at the 2019 Cairo Film Festival in a dress, which many considered an “indecent assault”, accusing her of inciting immorality and immorality, seducing minors, and spreading vice that violates the prevailing norms and traditions in Egyptian society.

Dina the dancer
Dina’s statements and her talk about belly dancing were a reason for accusing her of inciting immorality and immorality, but an Egyptian court acquitted her of this accusation on the grounds of presenting a television program in 2014 to teach girls to dance.
The report accused her of “violating the values ​​of the Egyptian family and inciting immorality and prostitution.”

Sama Al Massri

In November 2020, the Economic Court of Appeals misdemeanour sentenced the artist, Sama Al-Masry, to a year in prison, accusing her of immorality, immorality and assaulting the values ​​of Egyptian society.


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