Facetime Noise Canceling in iOS 15


Facetime in iOS 15 has got a bunch of new improvements that make its use a lot better than in the past.

These improvements are intended to attract users to the app and use it instead of competing video chat apps for work and personal chats.

Background noise cancellation is one of the most important new features in Facetime, because it improves the quality of calls a lot.

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How to isolate noise via Facetime in iOS 15

The microphone of various Apple devices is able to pick up sounds no matter how far or weak it is, which is a good thing when you are talking in a quiet place.

But if you’re on your call in a noisy place, it picks up all the noise around you and makes the call quality a lot lower.

The noise canceling feature works by focusing on your voice using artificial intelligence to identify it, thus reducing all the surrounding sounds.

You can choose between capturing a range of surrounding sounds and noise, or focusing only on your voice and conveying it in conversation.

You can do this by following these steps:

Head over to the Facetime app and start the call you want to make.

After that, drag the Control Center from the top of the screen, and then tap on Microphone Modes at the top.

Then choose the mode you want to use, whether it’s focusing on your voice only, capturing all the sounds, or the usual mode.

This feature works with all video chat applications, but you must use the new Apple systems, whether iOS 15 or iPadOS 15.

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New Facetime improvements

The application has got a variety of features that increase the quality of conversations through it.

So using Facetime even in corporate business conversations has become acceptable and feasible.

You no longer need to own an iPhone in order to use the Facetime application, as you can send an invitation to Android users to access the platform and benefit from its services through the Internet browser installed in their phone.

This is the first time that Apple has allowed Android users to access and benefit from Facetime services.

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